Anatomy of Pleasure:

Simone’s Notes:

In both John Cleland's Fanny Hill and Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders, as well as in countless novels of feminine peril, the distinction between a "kept woman" and a prostitute is all-important. Apologists for the practice of mistresses referred to the practice in the ancient Near East of keeping a concubine and would frequently quote verses from the Old Testament to show that mistress-keeping was an ancient practice that was, if not acceptable, at least understandable. John Dryden, in Annus Mirabilis, even attempted to suggest that the king's keeping of mistresses and making of bastards was a result of his abundance of generosity and spirit. In its more sinister form, the theme of being "kept" is never far from the surface in novels about women as victims in the 18th century in England, whether in the novels of Eliza Haywood or Samuel Richardson. With the Romantics of the early 19th century, the subject of keeping becomes problematized, in that a non-marital sexual union can occasionally be celebrated as a woman's free choice and a noble alternative. Maryann Evans defiantly lived "in sin" with a married man, partially as a sign of her independence of middle class morality, but her independence required that she not be "kept." Charlotte Brontë's novel Jane Eyre presents impassioned arguments on both sides of this question, as Rochester, unable to be free of his insane wife, tries to persuade Jane to live with him, which she resists.

Manami sat on the bed again smiling at her slave. Her strapless red mini-dress hugged her small body tightly. The fallen princess had a glass of blood red wine mixed with blood in it. She was in the mood for his body and blood again. He was very addictive to her and just perfect. He was very loyal to her. When one is in the military, one learns to be a good dog in time. That wasn’t the only perk either. Every time she slept with her pet, she got stronger and stronger. Manami discovered some new abilities because of it. She learned that she could will people to think a certain way. Also, she could control a person’s desire and drive them to chase it to the end. The fallen princess smiled wickedly to herself. “Mom did a great job of picking this one!” she thought lustfully. “He is so entertaining!” Edward stood before her in a slight daze. He was only dressed in his pants and boxers. The pet was waiting for his mistress to give him the next command. She had stopped him to ogle at his naked upper male torso. Manami already had a juicy idea in her head for what to do with him next.

“I’ve got a little game with can play!” she called to him. Edward tried not to look excited. Manami just smiled at him as she took a little glass tube and put it between her graceful thick thighs. She poured some of her wine into the tube. Manami then took some coke and dumped it into the wine and blood. Edward watched in delight as his mistress was mixing the concoction in her thighs lightly for the full effect. The fallen princess slowly rolled up the skirt of her dress to reveal more of her sexy thighs. She looked up at him smiling. The pet began to smile uncontrollable. He got down on his and took the tube in his teeth. Manami smiled as she waited. The pet took the tube from her thighs and tipped his head back. The seductive mix went down his throat. Manami grinned at the display. She had mixed a powerful dose aphrodisiac dust in the coke to heighten the excitement for tonight. The affects quickly hit Edward’s brain like a lighting bolt. Manami kept grinning at her pet. Now, the fun had really begun now.

“Come here, my little pet!” the fallen princess ordered. The slave hurried over to her like a happy like puppy. Manami patted the side of the bed next to her. Ed sat down in bliss. Manami smiled at him wickedly. She lightly kissed him on the lips. The alchemist kissed back instantly. His mistress pushed him back on the bed. He threw his arms above his head. Manami smiled to herself again as she kissed him again. “Perfect!” she thought to herself. “He knows his place already!” The fallen princess sat up and reached over to her nightstand. Ed tried to watch as she pulled it open, but the mistress kept his face turned away. She drew out a black leather chord and tied his wrists to the bed post. The slave pet smiled at her in excitement. The woman made sure that he was tied down perfectly secure. Then, she reached into the drawer and drew out the leather muzzle. Edward was really happy now! The mistress strapped it right over his mouth. She made sure it was strapped on tightly. Manami sat up and looked at her work. She could almost taste that sweet blood pumping through those veins. She licked her lips in hungry delight. Manami refused to hold back anymore.

She lightly kissed on him the lips again. Edward shut his eyes happily. Manami began to move downwards slowly with tiny butterfly kisses. Her lips on his neck made the alchemist moan out happily in the muzzle. His heart was pounding like a wild festival drum. The fallen princess gave the hot flesh a little nibble to heighten his arousal. Ed was panting happily in the muzzle. His desire burned even more. The mistress licked down to her chest. The licks were as tiny as the kisses. She gave Ed chills up and down his spine. He wanted her to do more. Manami moved down to his stomach and did work there. She grabbed onto his pants and slowly undid them all in the same manner. Edward kept trembling in heavy delight. Manami had to hold him down at one point so that she could finish with her work. The fallen princess had taken off his pants thrown them to her floor. She grabbed onto his boxers and yanked them right off. Manami lightly pushed his thighs apart with a light fairy touch to add the finishing touch. Edward was really moaning loudly in the muzzle. He really ached to scream out and touch her. But, she had him bound down to the bed really good. The mistress sat and looked at her slave. He looked so helpless under her. A tantalizing smile came across her face. “There is something about a submissive naked pet bound and grabbed to the bed that is so hot!” she thought. “It’s so arousing!

Then, Manami grabbed onto her tight mini red dress and slowly slid it off. Edward stared at her with big eyes. He wanted to reach out and grab her, but he couldn’t. The bindings were holding him back tightly. His mistress smiled at the cruel irony that took place. She loved this game so much. The mistress continued to slide off her dress slowly. Edward’s main man became even harder down south. He wanted so much to squeeze her heavy set. But once again, his bindings were holding him perfectly still. Manami kept on sliding the dress down slowly. She was completely naked was the dress was off. Edward now thought that he would go crazy. The mistress smiled at the effects that she had on him.

“Does my little pet like what he sees?” she asked aloud. Edward nodded quickly. Manami smiled at him wickedly as she leaned in closer to his ear.

“Does my little pet want it now?” she asked him in a whisper. The slave nodded quickly. The mistress smiled at him dirty again. She sat up again and eyed her captive again lustfully. The woman asked like she was thinking hard on that reply. Edward stared up at her desperately. The visions in her were swirling with black and red. He needed a release or he would go insane with desire. His mistress finally smiled at him coldly.

“Okay then!” Manami replied. “My pet shall get what he wants!” Edward looked at her in complete excitement. The mistress let her legs come on either side of him. She carefully took his manhood and slid into her roughly. The alchemist shut his eyes deeply at her wet walls around him. The mistress began thrusting her hips back and forth wildly. Edward moaned out in the muzzle. Within seconds, Manami’s teeth came in. She really saw the streams of hot red blood pumping through his strong veins. She just had to have some now. So, the fallen princess knelt down and bit into Edward’s neck. He breathed in heavily. His heart quickly skipped a beat. The pain hurt so good! It was like foreplay to the actually drinking. Manami began drinking as she kept pumping. Ed screamed out loud in his muzzle. The fallen princess kept drinking more blood faster. The slave’s heart was pounding faster to keep up. Edward felt himself close to death again. He just couldn’t stay away from that paper thin line for some reason. Each time he slept with Manami, she dragged him closer to dying. Sucking the life out of someone was so erotic. This was the best feeling in the world to them both.

The fallen princess drank more and pumped even faster. He felt as it he was drowning in lust and pleasure. His heartbeat got faster. It was so fast that he worried that it would burst in his chest. “Oh mistress!” he thought happily. “Keep going! Don’t stop!” Manami pumped and drank even more. Edward’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. The shadow of death was just seconds away from him. His light was slowly going out. His heart was slowly coming to a halt. Edward’s life was about to get cut short.

Edward was once again spare from death when he came inside of her. Manami let go of his neck and sat up. The alchemist opened his eyes and saw the fallen princess. She removed the muzzle to let him breathe. Her slave breathed hard. The fallen princess bit on her wrist very hard. Manami held it to his mouth. “Drink!” she ordered. Edward did so like a deer to water. This was like life-giving wine. It was just a perfect cycle. Death and rebirth went together hand-in-hand. He would die and come back to life. The fallen princess moaned out happily. She felt like God to her slave. And the best part was her blood was adapting well to his body.

Once he was finished, Manami drew her wrist away from him. She took out her pills and opened them. Edward watched as she placed a pill in his mouth and closed his mouth. Almost instantly, the alchemist fell fast asleep. The fallen princess smiled at hi wickedly. She lightly kissed him on the forehead and leaned into his ear. “You will belong to me forever!” she whispered to him. “I promise you that!” Then, Manami lied down next to him and watched him sleep.