Addiction Class IV:

Simone’s Notes:

In an informal sense, psychotherapy can be said to have been practiced through the ages, as individuals received psychological counsel and reassurance from others. Purposeful, theoretically-based psychotherapy was probably first developed in the Middle East during the 9th century by the Persian physician Rhazes, who was at one time the chief physician of the Baghdad hospital. In the West, however, serious mental disorders were generally treated as demonic or medical conditions requiring punishment and confinement until the advent of moral treatment approaches in the 18th Century. This brought about a focus on the possibility of psychosocial intervention - including reasoning, moral encouragement and group activities - to rehabilitate the "insane". Psychoanalysis was perhaps the first specific school of psychotherapy, developed by Sigmund Freud and others through the early 1900s. Trained as a neurologist, Freud began focusing on problems that appeared to have no discernible organic basis, and theorized that they had psychological causes originating in childhood experiences and the unconscious mind. Techniques such as dream interpretation, free association, transference and analysis of the id, ego and superego were developed.

Kate was lying asleep in her bed on the same night. Ever since she got out of the hospital on Christmas, the girl had been having many nightmares. They just kept getting worse every time she fell asleep. Kate kept dreaming about Soles burning herself to death as she ran off of the cliff, a nude and severely beaten woman holding a newborn baby, the gates of Hell opening up to release the monsters imprisoned inside, blood pouring downwards, and Nyious and Envy themselves. Then, cold water splashed upon her face hard. Kate woke up in a flash. Ginny was sitting on her bed with an empty glass in her hands. “Are you okay?” the den mother asked. Her friend was panting wildly. “You supposed to keep me from falling asleep!!!” she cried. “Sorry!” Gin screamed back. “I was trying my best to keep you awake!!! What was I supposed to do?!?” Both girls paused for a long while to calm back down again. Kate shut her eyes for a moment. “Sorry!” she called in distress. Gin just smiled at her. “It’s okay!” she called. Then, the girl hugged her friend close to her. Kate began to cry softly on her chest. This was how last night was. The girls had gotten stay awake pills for the shaken-up girl to help out. But the truth was, could life ever go back to normal before the previous nine months?

Edward sat in Dr. Howard’s addiction class again. Madeline Sampson joined the class so that she could take her relationship with Daniel even further. But today, Ed’s mind was elsewhere. He kept thinking about last night. Little Iris had worked his mind into overtime. He remembered every curve of her cold body completely. That succubus took him to new levels of ecstasy that no other hooker could take him. He hated to admit it but, Derdra and Winry couldn’t compete with her in the bedroom. But, it also opened some old wounds that he had hoped had healed over. But they had re-opened again. These wounds were sore and fresh, that he could barely focus on today’s lecture. It was like watching Dr. Howard talk on in the class without any sound on. Edward just felt uneasy this morning. The whole situation made him sick to his sick in a sense. Part of him wanted to wish the woman raw right off of his skin and automail. He had no business sleeping with Little Iris last night. The boy was supposed to patch things up with Winry again. But yet… Edward enjoyed his night with the succubus woman. And the worst thing was, he actually… wanted more! Fullmetal sighed to himself. “What has become of me?” he thought. “Am I a horrible person now? What if I can’t say no the next time? What will I tell Winry this time?You don’t have to say a word at all! [Oh, easy for you to say! You don’t have a girlfriend to cheat on!] Hey pal, I’m only trying to help! Don’t be so hard on yourself! Edward just snorted to himself.

“Mr. Elric!” a voice called to the alchemist in the front. The boy quickly looked up to see Dr. Howard eyeing him closely. She looked pretty stern than usual. “Yes?” Ed asked aloud. “You don’t seem to be focusing today,” Wendee pointed out. “Is something wrong?” Edward didn’t know how to answer that at all. He just shrugged and shook his head. Dr. Howard wasn’t convinced at all. She walked over to him slowly. The boy became nervous on the spot. “Uh oh!” he thought. “Now look what I’ve done! I’ve caused some unnecessary concern about me!” Wendee lightly knelt down in front of him. “See me after class in my office, okay?” she told him softly. Edward kept quiet for a long time. Then, he slowly nodded. Dr. Howard smiled at him lightly. “Good,” she replied. Then, the teacher returned back to the board and continued today’s lecture.

Kate, Ginny, and their boys were all in the girls’ room when the bad news came. It started with a heavy pound on the door. The seniors all looked up. “Come in!” Ginny called. “The door’s locked!” Jodie called out. “Coming!” Hunter yelled out. Then, he got up off of the bed and unlocked the door. The junior stood in front of them trembling. The Irish boy could immediately tell that something was wrong. “Jodie,” he spoke up. “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” The girl didn’t speak at first. Then she yelled out, “The baby’s alive!” They stared at her palely. “What… did you just say?” Kate asked in fear. Jodie began to tell them the whole story about how she followed Darius back to apartment 379 and how she saw the baby. “I’m not making this up!” Jodie called out. “I just knew it was your child, Kate! Go up and ask them!” The young mother didn’t have to say a word. She just got off of the bed, shoved Jodie out of the way, and raced down the hall. Her friends glared at Jodie. The junior looked confused. “What?” she asked. “Look what you have re-opened!” Ginny called out. The younger girl just sighed and shook her head. “I was only trying to help!” she mumbled to herself. “Sorry!”

Kate made it straight to apartment 379. She pounded on the door as if she was trying to escape. “Open the door!” she yelled. “I know that you are there!” Then, the door opened way. Nyious stood in front of her smiling. He was holding the sleeping baby in his arms. The little girl was dressed in a long white nightie. “Kate!” he called. “You’re here!” The woman was shocked and horrified. “Is that…” she began. “Yes Kate,” Nyious replied. “Here is your little princess!” He lightly moved the baby closer so that Kate could see her closely. The baby was a cute little girl. She had such a rosy little face. Her cheeks were plump and full. A little bit of drool was escaping from her little sleeping mouth. The baby’s light pink hair was in little ponytails. Her little nightie added onto her cuteness. “Her name is Manami,” Nyious replied. “Her name means love beauty.” Silence passed between them. “Want to hold her?” Nyious asked. Anger filled Kate’s soul. “How could you trick me like that?!?” she yelled. The “angel” kept smiling. “How could you try to kill your own child?” he challenged. “Don’t change the situation on me!!!” Kate yelled. She was close to crying now. Nyious forged sympathy for her. “Aw!” he called. “It’s okay!” He reached forward to touch her. Kate pushed away his hand and ran away in disappointment. She had to find out the truth.

Kate made it straight to the hospital. She stormed straight the doctor’s office. The girl knocked on the door hard. “Coming!” the doc called. Kate waited in annoyed anger. The door finally opened. The girl looked and saw the doctor that performed the operation on her on Christmas Eve. He looked very worried when he saw her. “Can I… help you?” he asked in small anxiety. “Why did you resuscitate my baby and give it away to complete strangers?!?” Kate shouted out. The doctor looked like she was crazy. “I don’t know what you are talking about!” he called. “Don’t lie to me!” she screamed out. “You’re hiding something from me! Tell me the truth! Why did you override my decision to let the baby die?!?” The doctor looked trap. What could he say? “What’s done is done,” he said. “You can’t go back now!” Then, he pushed her away and walked back into his office. Kate stood their in complete frustration. The nightmare had started again.

Edward sat in Dr. Howard’s office in patience. He was trembling badly. The doc stepped into her office shut the door behind her. She sat down at her desk in silence. “Now talk to me,” Wendee spoke up. “What is the matter lately?” Ed was a little hesitant to answer that first. But then, it all began to slip out like rapid flowing water. “Well,” he spoke up. “I haven’t been sleeping too well, Winry and I barely talk, I cheated on her again last night, and…” Dr. Howard took down all of the notes. “What do you mean you cheated on her?” she asked. The boy was hesitant to answer that one at first. Then for some odd reason, Edward just kept going. He just felt like talking and talking. It was as if he jus felt like spilling it all out to Dr. Howard. She was someone that she could trust completely. And the strange thing was, Edward didn’t feel any shame from it at all. It was like being in a confession booth without the shame. He was just comfortable talking. The doc kept writing every single word down on her paper. When she was done, Wendee looked up and said, “You and I really need to talk more about this. Want to come back next week after class?” Edward began to smile at her. “Sure!” he called. “I’ll try to make it!” Then, they both departed for the night. Sadly, that was the last time that they would ever connect. Also, that would be the last time Edward would admit to his problems and try to get help.

Kate make it back to her apartment. She was surprised to find Yasmine with her friends at the kitchen table. Curious, she walked closer to the group. “Guys?” the young mother asked. “What’s going on?” They all looked up at her. “Kate,” Ginny said calmly like a mother trying to calm down and scared little child. “Come in and sit down. We have to talk.” “Okay…” the girl said uneasily. Then, she complied softly. Kate looked around at all of her friends and Yasmine. They all looked pretty serious. Ginny lightly touched the girl on the hand. “Kate,” she said. “The gate to the incubi and succubi has been opened.” “We believe that one of the succubi has been here in this apartment.” Yasmine spoke up. “We they keep getting loose, more of them will pop up like cockroaches.” Kate looked deathly afraid. “So what do we do?” she asked in terror. Yasmine rose up from the table strongly. She smiled and said out of seriousness, “We have to kill your child!”