Addiction Class II:

Simone’s Notes:

Psychotherapy is an interpersonal, relational intervention used by trained psychotherapists to aid clients in problems of living. This usually includes increasing individual sense of well-being and reducing subjective discomforting experience. Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication and behavior change and that are designed to improve the mental health of a client or patient, or to improve group relationships such as in a family.

Yasmine knocked on Syd’s door early the next morning. “Coming!” her boss called. The hunter waited in excitement. “He’s going to love this!” she thought in excitement. The door opened wide. Syd stood in front of her shirtless and only dressed in long black pants. He looked at her as he wanted to be back in bed. “What is it now Yas?” he hissed. The hunter kept smiling at him. “I know it’s too early for Christmas,” she began. “But accept this anyway! Merry Christmas!” Then, Yasmine lowered the sack from her shoulder and handed it to her boss. Confused, Syd took it, opened it, and looked inside. His eyes opened in complete delight as he smiled wide. “Oh, how did you know I always wanted the head of bastard?” he asked in cheesy cheer. “I have a gift for you! Hang on!” Then, Syd went back into the apartment for a moment. Yasmine watched after him. Her boss returned within seconds with a huge handful of cash. “Here,” he said. “Thank you for your work!” Yas took the money and stuffed it into her pocket. “Oh!” she said quickly. “Here’s your blade back!” Syd stopped her midway. “No, no.” he replied. “You keep it! It’s yours now! You earned it with Trent’s death.” The boss then turned to leave. “Oh and Yas,” he spoke up. “You are my equal now. Congrats!” Then, Syd shut the door behind him. Yasmine stood there in silent shock. Was … she free now? The woman began smiling to herself. “That’s nice!” she thought to herself. Then, Yasmine headed back her family.

Mike made it to Dr. Howard’s classroom at the correct time. He was surprised to find three new faces there. Alli Beardsley was sitting on the opposite end of Nathan on the same row. She clearly wasn’t happy to be here this morning. Doug Kobe sat in the way back. He didn’t care at all. Then, there was this woman he hadn’t seen before. She was attractive looking. Her hair was long and reddish-blonde with short bangs in the front. Her eyes looked to be a healthy violet-pink color. The woman seemed to have big breasts under her army jacket. She was a sergeant just like Addi Bailey. The woman looked really bored. “Odd,” Mike thought. “I’ve never seen her before!” The major just shrugged and sat down near the teacher’s desk. In a few seconds, the door opened again. The students all looked up to see Dr. Howard with Simone. “Sorry I was late!” the teacher called. “Coffee line was backed up in the lobby. The doc looked all around. Wow!” she called. “We have new faces today! Why don’t you all stand and introduce yourselves.” At first, everyone was silent. Then, the reddish blonde woman stood up eagerly. She waved her hand wildly. “Ooo!!!” the woman called. “I’ll go first!” The teacher sighed happily. “Very well, ma’am.” she said. “You may go first.” The woman smiled boldly. “I’m Tina Newman!” she cried out. “I am a newly transferred sergeant from the North! Nice to meet all of you!” Everyone looked at her in dead silence. “That’s nice, Ms. Newman,” Dr. Howard replied. “So who else wants to speak?”

Meanwhile, Monique still wasn’t having it so well. Ever since she and Judd moved in together in the new apartment complex, things had gotten even colder. Judd since refused to speak to her. The wife couldn’t take the silence anymore. “Please talk to me, Judd!” the woman pleaded this morning as he was getting dressed. He still didn’t say a word to her. Monique found herself trapped. “Look,” she said. “I’m sorry for cheating on you while you were in jail. But, Jez seemed so nice to me and he was paying me the attention I wanted!” She still received nothing but cold silence. “I’m sorry!” the woman called again. “Come on! What do you want from me to make this right again?” At this question, Judd turned to her, looked her straight in eye, and muttered, “A divorce.” Monique’s eyes grew big in terror. “No!” she cried out. “You can’t mean that!!! Don’t leave me!” Then, Gates headed out the door and slammed it shut behind him. His wife fell to her knees on the floor crying.

Yasmine opened her flat door after her visit with Syd earlier. “Momma!” her son yelled out as he leapt forward to hug her legs. Yas quickly noticed something different about the boy. He was actually… smiling! The light was actually in his face. The next to walking dead boy was gone now. Now, she had an active and happy little boy on her hands. “Trent’s blood must have dissolved away in Malachi when I beheaded that bastard!” the huntress thought in happiness. She lightly reached down and ran her fingers through the boy’s short hair. From the kitchen, Steven and Paul were watching closely. “He’s better now!” Steven called. “Yep!” his son replied. “I’m home boys!” Yasmine called out as she saw them in the kitchen. “We’ve made breakfast!” Steven called. “Actually dad,” Paul called. “*I* made breakfast!” His father just rolled his eyes at the young man. “Whatever,” he replied jokingly. The hunter just smiled at them. “Great!” Yasmine replied. “Come on, Malachi.” Then, mother and son headed in the kitchen to join their new family.

“The first step to finding a cure,” Dr. Howard preached to her class. “Is admitting you have a problem.” Alli raised her hand in the air. The doc saw her immediately. “Yes Allison?” she asked. The general’s daughter slowly lowered her hand. Her face remained the same since she first came to the class. “So,” she spoke up. “You’re saying that if we say that we are nutters, we’ll ‘get help’ as you call it for our ‘problems?’” “Not necessarily nutters,” Wendee corrected. “Just because you are an addict, doesn’t mean you are weak or crazy. You see, addiction is just like a disease. You’re not insane, you are just sick. So in a sense, it’s not your fault.” Alli smiled at that last statement. “I think I’m beginning to like this class,” she said aloud. “Keep talking about this ‘addiction’ thing as you call it!” All of the men in the class became nervous at that statement. They all knew how Ron’s daughter was. Dr. Howard grinned at the challenge she had on her hands. “Very well,” she spoke up. Then, the teacher carried on with today’s lecture.

That afternoon, Monique made it down to the sports room of the apartment. She had never felt so alone before in her life. The woman still felt isolated from everyone since Jez’s death. Maybe it wasn’t too late to mend the bridges. Boy was she in for a crass shocker today! The woman made it right into the pool room where most of the WAGs were. They were all talking and laughing at the moment. Mrs. Gates drew in a deep breath. “Okay,” she thought. “Here goes!” Then, Monique slowly pushed the door open and walked inside. Suddenly, all of the women stopped talking and looked up instantly. Monique looked at them all awkwardly. This really what she was expecting, but she just couldn’t stop there. “Uh… hi, girls…” the woman said. Silence was all she got at first. Then, Kim slowly rose to her feet from the arm of the dark green couch.

“Tell me, Monique,” the woman spoke up. “Is it true that your husband wants a divorce now?” The other woman froze hard at first. Then, anger rose up in her fast. “How did you come to speculate that one?!?” she snapped. “Andy said that he saw Judd with divorce papers in his hand,” Kim replied. “My boyfriend was concerned and had me to ask you.” Oh how Mrs. Gates wanted to kill her now. “I wouldn’t be concerned about other people’s marriage especially since you don’t have one!” she snapped. “True,” Ms. Garner replied. “But I didn’t commit adultery either.” That only made things worse. The other WAGs became nervous. This was going straight down the ugly road. “SHUT UP!!!” Monique screamed out. Kim couldn’t help but to smile at the other woman’s reaction. “Why?” Ms. Garner questioned. “Because it’s true? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it is adultery when a man or woman sleeps with someone whose is not your spouse. And I know that’s what you did while Judd was in prison. Not only that, but adultery with a priest no less. So, you only have yourself to blame for your foolish actions if Judd wants a divorce!”

That was the final straw. Monique couldn’t take it anymore. “YOU BITCH!!!” she screamed out as she rushed forward to Kim and tried to tackle her to the ground. The other woman fought back roughly. Monique bit her on the arm hard. “OW!!!” Kim screamed out. Then, she kneed the angry woman in the stomach hard. The cat fight grew worse from there. Many of the men were watching in amusement. Some of the women were scared. Torii and Suri were enjoying the whole show. “Shouldn’t we stop them?” Fuery whispered to a couple of his friends. “No way!” Don said quickly. The master sergeant was confused. “But why not?” he asked. “Girls fight to kill!” Andrew answered strongly. “I would hate to come between Kim and a fight!” “Oh!” Kain answered uneasily. It was true. Girls did fight to kill. Kim had a brutal temper at times. She got into many fights when she was in school. Some of the WAGs feared her. Andrew rightfully hated to get his girlfriend angry at all. Thus him trying his best to stay agreeable her when it was called for.

The cat fight went on until the Calvary arrived. Mustang, Hughes, and David worked hard to break up the two women. Kim was panting like mad and trying to break away from Mustang so she could tear at Monique for another round. “Let me at her!!!” she yelled out. “Calm down!” Mustang ordered her. The woman didn’t hear him. “THIS ISN’T OVER, YOU BITCH!!!” Kim yelled at Monique. The other woman just gave her the finger. Both women were dragged away in the end. And that was it!