Addiction Class I:

Simone’s Notes:

Addiction is like a disease. Like most diseases, it is curable. It just takes support, an urge to quit, and the right kind of therapy. Therapy is the attempted remediation of a health problem, usually following a diagnosis. There are many times of therapy. Some are physical and others are physiological. These notes will focus on both.

Today, Dr. Howard opened a class to help out many addicts as Central Headquarters. The top officers needed a way to “clean” up their men and citizens, so they let her open the class right in the building. Her first student was Mike. He was desperate to cure himself of his porn addiction. “Anything to be with Allison!” he thought. The private therapy was going well so far, but Mike wanted more just to be safe. He just wasn’t out of the woods yet. The major walked into the empty classroom the next morning. He was slightly confused. “Uhhh…” he began. “Did I… come too early?” “No,” a voice said ahead of him. Mike looked up and saw Dr. Howard sitting at her desk. She turned to him smiling. “It’s eight o’clock just as I said,” the doc went on. Mike looked around again. “And… where’s everyone else?” he asked uneasily. “Oh don’t worry,” Wendee replied. “Others will come. I posted a bulletin on the board out in the hall and a concern box out in the lobby,” “Concern box?” the major asked. “Yes,” Dr. Howard answered. “The concern box is there to help the needy out. All the people have to do is fill out a small form about the person in question and put it into the box. They are completely anonymous and confidential.” “Oh,” Mike replied. “So come and sit,” Wendee concluded. “The others will be arriving shortly.” Thomas just shrugged and sat down in a desk near Dr. Howard’s desk. The teacher smiled in a soft way. The class had started.

Monique sat in Mustang’s office nervously. He said that he wanted to talk to her. She had been under fire for a whole month. All of the WAGs seemed to have abandoned her because of her affair with Jez. Judd had refused to talk to her ever since he got out of jail and found out about the affair. He kept looking at her with dirty and cold looks. They weren’t even sleeping in the same bed anymore. The woman felt guilty about Jez topping himself. She was afraid of what Roy would say to her. Finally, the door opened. Monique quickly looked up and rose to her feet. The major general stood in the doorway. The woman swallowed hard. “Sir!” she said at last. “Easy now,” Mustang told her in a low voice. Monique sat down slowly. Roy processed inside and sat down at his desk. The bitter trial had begun. “When did you first start your affair with Darwin?” the general asked. Monique sat there uneasily. “March,” she answered. “I see,” Mustang answered. Silence passed between them. “He seduced me!” the woman cried out. “I never would’ve let myself fall into his trap if I had known…” “You know we know, right?” Mustang cut in asking. Monique went quiet again as she shook her head. “Video.” the general answered. The WAG’s eyes grew big in shock. She knew she was in for it now!

Within thirty minutes, a knock came on the door. Dr. Howard and Mike looked up. “Come in!” the doc yelled. There was some loud shouting outside the door. Then, the door was pushed open. Mike didn’t look so surprised. “Nathan?” he asked in a stoic voice. The other major was being dragged in by Havoc, Jim and Don. Nathan was trying his best to get out of the men’s grasp and run away. “Let go of me you jackasses!!!” Lee yelled out. “I am three ranks higher than you!!!” The lts. didn’t heed to his words. “Of course you do,” Havoc spoke up. “And we want to keep you that way!” “I don’t need help!” Nathan yelled out. “Yes you do!” Don argued back. “Hello gentlemen!” Dr. Howard called out. The lts. and the major quickly looked up. Wendee smiled at them sweetly. “I take it your friend is in my class?” she asked. “No!” Nathan barked quickly. “Yes!” the other men yelled. “Good luck this time, guys!” Mike thought with a snort. “He’s more hopeless than me!” “Well bring him in.” Dr. Howard replied. The lieutenants all complied and forced Lee into a chair. “We’ll pick you up later!” Jim called. “Bye now!” Then, he, Havoc, and Mitchell split in a heartbeat. Nathan glared as he turned to Mike. The porn addict just shrugged as if to say that it wasn’t his doing. Nathan rolled his eyes annoyed. “Those guys are so dead after this!” the druggie thought as he rolled his eyes annoyed.

By afternoon, Monique was wandering around the military’s activity center. She had never felt so alone before in her life. “Is this how a sinner feels?” the woman asked herself. Then suddenly, Monique heard laughter from the pool room. She froze and looked up. “Hm?” the woman thought. “What’s going on?” Curious, Monique followed the laughter. She found the men and WAGs gathered around a laptop. Groans and cries were coming right from it. Monique instantly recognized the voices. They were her and Jez’s voices. Rage filled the disgraced woman quickly. She stormed into the pool room and slammed the laptop shut. Everyone looked up to see her glowing with anger. “What’s your problem?” Kim asked innocently. “How could you all do this to me?!?” the disgraced woman snapped. The WAGs and soldiers said nothing at first. “How could you cheat on your own husband with a priest while he’s in jail?” Anika challenged. “We’re all ashamed of you! You give us WAGs a bad name!” “Ashamed?” Monique snapped back. “You all look as if you’ve been selling tickets!” “Serves you right!” Kim barked. “You don’t have anyone to blame but yourself for this mess!” The disgraced woman stood there in silence. Kim was right after all. This was all Monique’s fault. She put her husband in jail; she drove her husband; she had no one to blame but herself. The disgraced woman walked out trying to stay strong. When she made it outside, Monique broke down and cried.

Dr. Howard’s class finished by six in the evening. The doc saw her students off. Mustang came by to check thing out. “So you did have students after all!” he said in slight surprise. “Yep,” Wendee replied. “It wasn’t much, but it’s a start.” “How can you be so sure that you’ll get more students?” the general questioned. Dr. Howard turned to him smiling. “Oh,” she replied. “They will come. Most addicts will deny that they have a problem and their loved ones usually don’t know what to do. It’s all in a matter of time. Good day, sir.” Then, Dr. Howard left to go home for the day. Mustang watched the doc leave down the hall. He wanted to see if she would succeed in her work. This would be an interesting class.