Simone’s Notes:

Religious prostitution is the practice of having sex with a person other than one's spouse for a religious purpose. A woman engaged in such practices is sometimes called a temple prostitute or hierodule, though modern connotations of the term prostitute cause interpretations of these phrases to be highly misleading. The temple prostitute plays a great role in religious ceremonies.

That same night, Madeline and Daniel were in bed. Ever since her test came back negative and Dr. James had been bullying her, Dan had let himself get a little closer to the nympho. She slept in the bed and he slept on the bed after their time together. “This is nice!” Maddie said as she smiled at him in bed. “Yep!” the major replied. The nympho leaned forward and lightly kissed him on the lips. Daniel kissed back. Even though this was better, Madeline wished that her eye of her affection when be in the bed with her. She still wanted him to be between her thighs. The waiting was burning at her again. “You look so cold Danny,” she would say to him. “Come and cuddle up in bed with me! You’ll be warmer!” The major would just smile at her and say, “No, I’m fine!” “Damn it, I thought I would have you that time!” Maddie would say. “Maybe soon!” Dan said back. His nympho pal eyed him happily. “Oh,” she replied. “So you’re saying you will actually be in the bed with me?” The major just smiled at her and kissed on the lips again. “Go to sleep, Baby girl!” he replied boldly. Madeline smiled back at him. “Night Danny.” she whispered. And that was it. The balance between was stronger this time. But, something else would test them again!

It all happened Sunday. Daniel was walking to work as usual. He passed by the usual men crew when he noticed that they were watching something. Curious, he slowly backed up to watch. The major made it over to Fuery. Dan lightly tapped the light man on the shoulder. The master sergeant slowly turned around. “Hey,” the major whispered. “What’s going on?” Fuery didn’t answer at first. “A new priestess just transferred here.” the little man whispered. That confused Daniel completely. “Huh?” he asked. Kain just pointed forward to the Fuhrer’s office. Daniel looked into the Fuhrer’s office. That’s when he saw her! A priestess was talking to the fuhrer herself. Her long was long and dark brown. She was dressed in white and red priestess robes. The major felt himself freeze coldly. “Is that…” he thought. Then, Daniel took a long and closer look. His eyes grew bigger in shock. “It is!” the major thought. “It’s her!” Right then, his past came back in full swing.

*Fourteen Years Ago*

Daniel was only eighteen and a private in the army at the time. His squad was on a small retreat one summer in the mountains. Back then, the guy was young and a little dense. The then private was also a good old boy. He was innocent then. Dan was still new to the wild life he had witnessed. When most of the boys from his squad were out drinking and visiting pretty young girl outside of the base, Dan kept himself busy with cleaning his room and doing his own assignments. His peers joked about him being a momma’s boy. Daniel just smiled politely at them and carried on with his purity. From time to time then, the guys tried to get him into drinking and loose his virginity to a pretty young woman. He never really wanted or expected to encounter the temptation of the “forbidden fruit.” That was until he met her…


Daniel sat down outside to clear his head. “She’s here!” he mumbled to himself. “She’s actually here!” “Dan?” the man heard someone ask. “Is that really you?” The major slowly looked up. There she was. The priestess that was to the Fuhrer was right there in front of him smiling. Daniel couldn’t say anything as he stared deeply into her deep jade greenish-blue eyes. It had been so long! “Private!” the priestess exclaimed happily. “It’s been so long!” “Major, Coralie,” Daniel corrected her. “I’m a major now.” “Oh,” Coralie reached. Then, she sat down next to him. Jackson tried to look away from his old flame. “What are you doing here in Central?” he asked out of curiosity. The priestess looked at him with those seductive eyes of hers. “I transfer to Central to save souls,” she answered. “But in reality, *moves in closer* I came to see you again!” Even though he didn’t show it, Daniel was really worried. “What if the flames for Coralie heat back up again?” he wondered. “That would destroy things between Madeline and me! We were just starting to build a relationship! What will I do?” The priestess noticed her old flame’s nervous face and lightly put her arms around his neck. “Aw, what’s wrong?” she asked as she tried to snuggle close to him. “Uh…” Dan spoke up. “I have someone now!” Coralie looked into his deep brown eyes. “Really?” she asked in slight disappointment. “I *really* missed you!” Then, she tried to climb on top of him, but the major tried to break away. The priestess began to lightly quiet him. “It’s okay!” she whispered. “No one has to know.” “But, you’re a… priestess!” the major exclaimed. Coralie lightly put her finger to his lips. “I know,” she whispered. “And you know my true nature!”

Coralie would’ve gotten farther to seduce him if someone hadn’t screamed out, “Danny! What are you doing?!?” They both looked up to see Madeline standing before them. She looked pissed. The priestess smirked at the nympho. “This your girlfriend?” she asked. “Yes!” Dan said quickly. “I really do love her!” Then, he pushed his old flame off quickly and hurried over to Maddie. “And who the hell is this, Danny?” she asked. The major became nervous quickly. “This is Coralie,” he replied. “She is a new priestess here!” Madeline didn’t really buy it. “What priestess acts like that?!?” she snapped harshly. “Uh…” the major replied uneasily. Then, the nympho dragged him away in anger. The priestess kept smiling at the couple. “See you tonight!” she mouthed at her former flame. Right then, Coralie had her plan of seduction ready for later tonight. “This will be easy!” she thought to herself. Then, the priestess went back into the building.

*Fourteen Years Ago on that Fateful Night*

The night was warm and clear. Most of the squad was out drinking and flirting as usual. Young Daniel was taking a walk through the forest when he heard a girl’s voice. The private stopped in his tracks confused. “Who is out here at this time of night?” he thought. Curious, Dan followed the voice all the way down the trail. He came to a hot springs bath. The boy peeked through the bushes. He saw a young woman about his age bathing. She was a beautiful sight to see. Her skin was a smooth creamy white in the full moon light high above. Her breasts were curvy and full for her age. Her hair was long and wet. The water on the girl’s slender body really added to her charm. The same thing went to her flawless bottom. She instantly made the stars jealous of her. For the first time in his life, the private found himself caught into a moral dilemma. “I shouldn’t be watching,” he thought. “But… I just can’t take my eyes off of her!” Soon, emotions he hadn’t felt before were surfacing within him. His heart was racing wildly. His palms became sweaty. The private was both hot and cold at the same time! He even felt himself getting hard between his legs at the sight of her. The boy actually… wanted her! “So this is what the guys were talking about with tasty girls!” he thought.

It would’ve stopped there if Daniel hadn’t accidentally stepped on a twig and broke it in half. The girl quickly looked up and saw him. She quickly covered up her breasts modestly. The private quickly became nervous. Her water nymph began walking over to him slowly. Dan began panicking in his head. “Oh no!” he thought in worry. “She’s seen me! What will I do? What will I do?” The private worried that she was going to smack the fire out of him for being a peeping tom. But instead, he heard her ask, “Do you always spy on attractive women that you can’t talk to?” Daniel looked up confused. The girl was staring at him smiling. He didn’t know what to say at first. Then he said, “N-No! Not really!” His nymph giggled at him sweetly. “You’re cute, you know that?” she asked. Daniel just stood there blushing at her. “Tell you what,” the girl said. “If you want to get to know me, then follow me!” “Okay.” Dan replied in a soft voice. The girl kept smiling at him like a devil in disguise. “Good,” she replied. Then, the nymph began to get out of the water and walk away. And just like a little doggie to its master, young Jackson followed behind her.


Madeline sat on the couch in an angry mood. The major was standing in front of her. “Oh crap!” he thought. “This will be fun to explain!” Daniel stared at her and took in a deep breath. “She is a priestess, but Coralie and I slept together a long time ago!” Maddie kept listening. “And?” she asked. “And she still wants me, apparently.” the major finished. The nympho said nothing. This wasn’t going as easily as he expected it would. “Look,” he replied. “I understand why you are angry and jealous. But I don’t have any feelings for her anymore.” That didn’t even convince him. Dan found himself hanging. “What can I do?” he thought. The major finally hung his head. “She invited me out tonight.” he admitted. “Oh really?” Maddie asked. Jackson nodded. That gave the nympho a great idea. “Good to her!” she replied. Daniel looked at her with big eyes. “WHAT?!?” he asked in shock. Maddie smiled at him sweetly. “You heard me,” she replied. “Go to her tonight so that you can tell her off once and for all.” Then, Dan saw her logic. “Oh!” he said aloud. “I sure will!” Madeline smiled at him sweetly again. “Good,” she answered. “Now go on, you have a date!” “Oh, right!” Daniel said quickly. “I’ll see you tonight!” Then, he headed out the door. Maddie sat there smiling. “Make the right choice!” she thought. Then, the nympho headed upstairs to his bed.

*Later that Night Fourteen Years Ago*

Daniel and the girl made it back to a temple. The private looked around at the clean settings. The only thing present in the building was an altar and a cross. The young man was slightly confused. Why on Earth were they here? “Okay,” he called out. “What is this?” Then, Dan looked forward and saw the girl dressed in red and white priestess robes. Suddenly, the private became nervous. “Y-You’re a priestess?” he asked in shock. The girl nodded humbly. “My name is Coralie,” she answered. “I am a priestess-in-training, private!” Daniel couldn’t explain what happened next. But he had completely lost control into complete lusty desire. He rushed forward and kissed her on the lips in passion. The young priestess kissed back. “Hey *kiss* wait *kiss*!” the private called out. “Yes *kiss*?” Coralie replied. “Should we *kiss* being doing this *kiss*?” Dan asked. The young priestess looked at her love at with those jade greenish-blue eyes. “Do you want to stop?” she asked him. They looked at each other for a long while. Then, the private blushed and replied, “No…” The young priestess smiled at him seductively. “Good,” she replied. Then, they went back to kissing again.

Pretty soon, one thing led to another and Daniel lost his virginity to Coralie. He didn’t think he would enjoy sex so much. They ended up lying next to each other. “Wow!” the private called out. “I never thought I would loose my virginity at this age!” “I thought the same thing!” the priestess said to him. Dan looked at her in shock. “You mean…” he began. Coralie nodded at him in a dirty little way. That led the private to ask the question that had been on his mind ever since he first joined the army. “Coralie,” Daniel spoke up. The priestess turned to him. “Yes?” she asked. The private drew in a deep breath. “Is there really a God?” he asked. Coralie smiled at him. “Do you want my honest opinion?” she asked. Daniel smiled back at her. He nodded like a sweet little child. The priestess smiled again. “No,” she answered. “There is no God.” The private began to relax. Then, Coralie kissed him on the lips again. From that night on, Daniel began to loosen up some.


Madeline waited on his bed for her love. Then, the bedroom door opened wide. The nympho looked up to see Daniel walk into the room smiling. “So?” Maddie asked. “We went to the bar, she told me how she about me after fourteen years,” The nympho smiled and listened to him. “And?” she asked. Dan smiled at his girlfriend. “I let her go,” he replied. “She’s gone now.” Madeline smiled at him as she sat up. “That’s good,” she replied. “Yeah.” Daniel said. Then he crawled onto the bed with her. His girl held him tightly to her small. And that was the end of everything, or was it really? “I still need to keep eyes open for that false priestess!” she thought to herself. “She’s not the type to back down easily!