3 Doors Down


Name: Laurence Thomas Jones

AKA: Shrimp and Teeny

Age: 18

Marital Status: Single but wanted

Hobbies: Swimming, helping people, hanging with nice girls, reading and pursuing the simple things of life.

Favourite Colour: Gold

Ideal Holiday Destination: California

Person You Most Admire: Charlene, my girlfriend.

Earliest Memory: My first bike ride.

Greatest Achievement: Keeping a girlfriend for once

Favourite Song: "Tired of Sex" by Weezer

Favourite Book: I have too many to list

Favourite Film: Singles

Life On My Own

The Road I'm On


Dangerous Game

Feet In The Water

Not Enough

Here Without You


Going Down In Flames

It's Not My Time

Down Poison

Right Where I Belong

Who Are You

Be Like That


These Days


Landing In London


So I Need You

Behind Those Eyes


Away From The Sun

Father's Son



Never Will I Break

She Don't Want the World

I Feel You

Your Arms Feel Like Home

Duck And Run

Running Out Of Days

Live For Today

By My Side

This Time

It's the Only One You've Got

Here By Me

When I'm Gone

Be Somebody

It's Not Me

My World

The Real Life

Ticket To Heaven

Give It to Me

Sarah Yellin'

Let Me Go

Let Me By Myself

When It's Over

The Better Life