2 Late


My soon-to-be-ex-step-father and I never had a good relationship. It’s been war for the past five years. Preston, my soon-to-be-ex-step-father, was always at odds with me. I never understood what his problem was. But, I had a slight hunch. This whole saga started on the night the three of us, Preston, mom, and I, had dinner together on the first night. I was only fourteen at the time. I was excited at first to meet the guy, don’t get me wrong. I think it was my outfit that started the war. I walked out to the dining room, casually. “Hi guys!” I called innocently. My mom and Preston looked up at me. All seemed nice at first. I kept smiling harmlessly. But, right away I saw a problem.

You see, at fourteen I quickly knew my sexuality. I knew I could get what I wanted with my body. So did all of mom’s potential boyfriends and guy friends. In fact, every straight man noticed me a little too well. My breasts were a healthy full size for my age. My curves were still blossoming in the right places so to speak. My clothes only emphasized the shape my of body. That night, I wore a low-cut pink top and white Daisy Dukes. My hair was even in two short ponytails. I noticed that Preston was staring too closely at my chests. I became annoyed really fast. Keep your eyes on my face, buddy! Then, my mom cleared her throat. We both turned to her. “Angie,” she said at last. “This is my boyfriend, Preston. Preston, this is my daughter, Angelica.” “Hi.” I said trying to said like a good little saint. “Are you a pretty little thing?” the creep asked aloud. That didn’t sit well with me. And what is that supposed to mean, pal? “Well, she does take after me.” my mom said with pride. They both laughed. I tried to smile but I was too ticked to do so.

Dinner was silently awful. Mr. Horny kept staring at my breasts the entire time. He made perverse commits directed to me. I wanted to scream but I decided against it. My mom is my best friend. After my father, her lifelong love, died, she’s been trying to pick up the pieces and start again. Sure, I acted wild at times, but I still pulled through for her. All I want is my mom to find a good man and settle down, again. I even helped her get curvy and a make over to help achieve that. But this guy is going the gong by me! But the time dinner was over, my mom rose to her feet and said, “Time for desert!” Preston turned to me with a perverted look in his eye. Oh how I was dying to slap him! My mom returned back with her best-known chocolate fruit shortcake cups decked with whipped cream. Those were the best. I had to bend of backwards just to even get a taste. Well, King pervert had to go and spoil it. I’m doing my best to redirect his interests back to my mom. But, every attempt was back firing on me badly. Finally, mom brought out the yummy but soon to be ruined chocolate fruit shortcake cups decked with whipped cream. They seemed to make everything better at first. But, Preston I’m a leech had to go and make it disgusting. He kept licking his spoon in a sleazy way at me. I tried to endure desert much longer to make mom happy.

Finally, Preston make the comment, “Too bad you didn’t more chocolate in the cups. I sure would’ve enjoyed licking it all off.” Oh that did it! I rose from the table in an angry rush and ran to my room. I spent the whole night there. The next day I argued with my mom about Preston. I tried to tell her that she was no good for him. But sadly, she only saw the creepy as a saint. Needless to say, they were married six months later. That’s when they became ugly. Preston and I were always fighting. He was constantly hitting on me. My step-father even tried to turn my mom and I against each other. My mom finally wised up last year. Now, she’s trying to get a divorce from the perv. This whole mess could’ve been avoided if she had just listened to me in the first place.

But, what do I care? I knew it was a mistake from the day that she met him. But who am I to say anything? My mom made her bed now she must lie in it. I only hope that she now has enough sense to drain every penny out of that f*****g bastard. If not, God I pity her sad soul. Oh, well. Onto more happier things now.

From the Candy Stripped Legs…