Simone’s Notes:

Heavy Drinking dulls sensation and makes it more difficult for men to have an erection and women to reach orgasm. Women may be less lubricated and intercourse may be uncomfortable or painful. As Shakespeare said, "It provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance." Moderate use of alcohol can enhance sexual activity because it relaxes and lowers inhibitions. But excessive use can impair sexual functioning and make risky sex more likely. Read this page to learn why and what you can do to protect yourself.

The next morning Daisy arrived in the pool room in the apartment very angry. She needed someone to talk to so badly. The other WAGs and military women noticed. “Daisy!” Kim called out. “What’s wrong?” Jim’s wife looked at her friends bitterly. “I was let down last night!” she exclaimed. That caught all of women’s attention. They all crowded around her. The women all sat around her. “Why? What happened?” Gracia asked. Daisy took in a deep breath. She began to slip the details about her lousy night with Jim last night.

[Yesterday Evening]

Jim sat around with his friends at the bar stressed out. He didn’t talk to anyone like he normally did. The lt. just kept pouring more and more drinks down his throat. Don looked at him concerned. “What’s wrong dog?” he asked. The lt. clutched his whiskey in his hand. “It’s Daisy!” he murmured. His buddy looked at him confused. “Uh-oh!” he called. “What’s wrong in Lee-Wright land?” Wright sighed hard. “On New Year’s Eve,” he began. “Daisy decided not to have sex with me for six months.” Mitchell looked at his pal shocked. “WHAT?!?” he asked out loud. Jim nodded. “Damn!” Don called. “How long has it been?” “Four weeks!” Jim answered. Don was completely shocked. “Four weeks?!?” he asked. “She said that it would bring us closer together as a couple! She didn’t want our marriage to be based on sex!” Wright reasoned. Mitchell looked as if he was crazy. “Where did she come up with that?” “She read it in Sunshower Girl!” Jim replied. “Four weeks and no sex?” Don asked. “My balls are dying for some action!” the lt. yelled out in misery.

“I read it in Sunshower Girl.” Daisy said to the other WAGs and military women on the same night in the game room of the apartment. “It’s an interesting theory!” Yasmine replied. “Actually,” Lee-Wright replied in misery. “It’s a nightmare! I’d be desperate for some action, but watching him suffer is so much fun!” The woman took a drink of her lemonade. “You should try it with your boys!” she called. The other women tried not to laugh. “What?” Kim asked. “And deny myself the only pleasure I get from Andy at times? No way!” Daisy sat back with her drink. “So what should I do?” she asked. The other WAGs and military women thought about that for a moment. “Just give it with him!” Madeline called. Daisy looked at the nympho in shock. “What?!?” she asked. “Just like that?” “Yeah!” Maddie replied. “Give him sex just like that?” the wife asked. “Yeah!” Dan’s girl replied. The other WAGs looked at her as if she was a nutter. Dais looked at her happily. “Thanks Maddie!” she called out. The nympho smiled at her pal kindly. “Anytime!” Madeline replied. And with that, Daisy rose to her feet and began heading out the door. The other women were confused. “Daisy!” Gracia called out. “Where are you going?” The woman turned to her friends smiling. “I have to pay Jim a little ‘visit!’” she called. “Bye now!” Then, Daisy hurried all the way to the bar where the boys were.

Unfortunately, Jim decided to deal with the problem by drinking the night away. He was completely wasted by the time his wife got there. She had to battle her way through the other boys. Daisy grabbed Jim from the bar and dragged him outside. She pushed him up against a chained fence. The lt. was too drunk to piece everything together. Daisy looked at him in desperation. “Listen to me, Jim!” she called out. “I need you to be a great husband!” “Huh?” the lt. asked drunkenly. Daisy held him closer to her. “Thoughtful, grateful,” she went on. “Brave, generous, but firm. Any failure to meet up to these standards results in a non-sex situation! Right?” Then, she began pulling him to come on. Jim followed quietly drunk.

However, the hopeful night did last long. For when they got home, they made to his bedroom. Daisy went into bedroom to get changed. When she came out, the woman was dressed in black and pink bra and panties. She made it to the bed… only to find Jim passed out drunk on the bed. The guy just couldn’t wait any longer. Disappointed, his wife rushed over to him and shook him awake. “Jim!” she called. “Wake up! Sex! Great sex! It’s the one thing you wanted for weeks now! Wake up! Please wake up! I need you!” The lt. didn’t budge. He was out like a light. His wife kept shaking him. But it was useless! Jim was just out for the count. In the end, Daisy gave up. She undressed him and put him to bed. “How much was that worth?” the woman asked herself aloud. “*Snort* Not much!” Then, she cut off the light and went to bed in the living room.


“He got to drunk to f**k last night?” Kim asked. Daisy nodded in disappointment. “Aw, pool soul,” Gracia said to her. “Better luck next time.” Daisy nodded. “I guess you’re right!” she replied. Better luck next time, girl. Better luck next time!